Nature's Recipe Pure Essentials Dog Food Sample

Earlier in the year, I'd entered a contest to try Nature's Recipe Pure Essentials Dog Food. I figured that the kibblers might enjoy it, and it would be a nice way to try a new dog food. I received an email a week or two ago, indicating that we'd been selected to try it. I figured we'd receive a sample-size bag or two--just enough for one or two meals for each dog. As I pulled into our driveway this afternoon, I noticed a large blue box on our porch, and thought it a bit odd, as I wasn't expecting a package!

Once I reached the porch, I noticed the Nature's Recipe on the box, and realized that it was the food, except that it was more than just a dog food sample. Rather, it included a 4-pound bag of dog food and a bag of dental chews. I still find a 4-pound bag an odd size, but as this is grain-free, it's common to have a 4-pound bag, a 14-pound bag, and a 24-pound bag or similar sizes.

Nature's Recipe Pure Essentials Food & Dental Chews

I figured the dogs could use a dental chew, so they each tried one shortly after they finished up outside, and they both enjoyed them. I thought the chews would be long-lasting, but they were close to Milk-Bones in regards to how long they lasted.

Nature's Recipe Pure Essentials Dental Chew

After Mac and I ate dinner, I fed the kibblers, and since they kept staring at the dog food bag while we were eating, I opted to allow them to try it. The dog food has several different shapes and textures. It has dark brown triangles, green, pea-shaped pieces, and pieces that look like sweet potato slices. I'm guessing that the shapes aren't simply freeze-dried food. The dogs were very excited, and couldn't wait for their bowls to touch the floor.

Cobaka devoured most of it, leaving a few sweet potato slices on the floor. Geno is always a bit more hesitant, and ate most of it, leaving a few peas, a few brown triangles, and a lot of sweet potato slices in his bowl. We'll see how they enjoy it tomorrow before deciding if it's something they like.


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