My Geno

I just submitted a request for my first PTO day with my new company. Geno is having surgery on March 20 to remove two warts from his right eyelid. They don't seem to trouble him, except that one of them is blocking a gland in his eyelid, and that's causing his eyelid to swell and be irritated. After treating it with an ointment for a few weeks, the swelling returned, so we went back to the vet. She scheduled the surgery, and drew blood, just to be sure everything is fine, and she says it is, so she thinks he'll do well with the surgery.

Mac will be home with him on the 21st, and I'll spend much of the 20th cleaning and cooking to use my nervous energy. I'll worry until I pick him up at the vet's, and then once I pick him up, depending on how loopy he is, he can probably convince me to stop and pick up ice cream or a cheeseburger for him!

His adoption day, well, not really his adoption day, since we didn't adopt him initially, but his welcome home day is March 15th. That's the day we first met him, and the day he first came home with us, so we'll spoil him then too! It'll be 5 years this year that he's been with us, so it's monumental!


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