Family, Friends, Guns, and Pain

Friday was my Friday to leave work at 12, and I took full advantage of that. We had friends coming in from Kentucky for the weekend, and I wanted to be sure the house was very clean. Mac met me for lunch, and then we headed home and started cleaning. I tackled the bathroom, kitchen, and living room while he tackled the spare room. Everything was in great shape by 3:30. They got to our house around 7, and we had dinner. John and Laura cooked dinner--bacon-wrapped meatballs, homemade pasta sauce, and spaghetti. It was very yummy, and it was nice to not cook for once!

John and Laura arrived in York so early on Friday that they checked in to the hotel Friday, so they could nap, rather than waiting until we were ready for them. While I was disappointed, at least we have a very clean house now! On Saturday, we went to breakfast and a gun show. After the gun show, we all headed back to the house, and Mac gathered up several guns so we could head to the range. We shot handguns first, then rifles, and all generally had a blast!

I spent a fair amount of time gathering up brass while we were at the range, and letting the others shoot, because let's face it, I can go shooting almost any time. John, Laura, Seth, and Nicole can't. After the range, we packed all of the guns back into the vehicles, and we headed home, while Seth and Nicole headed to his mother's house, and John and Laura headed to the hotel to clean up before dinner.

We all reconvened at Fujihana for dinner. Mac and I made a quick stop to pick up a birthday cake for Seth--pink accents with pink, yellow, and orange balloons, and Happy Birthday written in pink icing. We love Seth, but we all tease him and pink just seemed so fitting for him! I will add that the only cake they had with Happy Birthday already written on it was that one.

Fujihana was amazing! The food was pretty good, but the atmosphere was definitely what made it so amazing. Our hibachi chef was so much fun--he had sake in a squeeze bottle, and refilled it 3 times--he kept insisting the guys have more sake. I love the fried rice at hibachi places! I kept stealing some from Mac's plate. He'd look away, I'd swipe some! Once we were finished with our meal, they brought out Seth's cake. Mac cut the cake, and he cut a quarter-sheet cake into 6 pieces. As you can guess, none of us ate an entire piece.

Once it was obvious that Seth was finished with his piece of cake, Mac, knowing how silly Seth can be, caked Seth--yes, cake to the face! If it was anyone but Seth, we wouldn't have done that, but well, with Seth, that's what he wants!

This weekend was our first experience with Laura, John's girlfriend. We've known John for years, and Mac was in his wedding to Susi. They're now divorcing, so it was interesting. She seems very nice and we had fun with her. John, Laura, and Susi are all moving back to this area, so it may get interesting trying to juggle all three of them, but I guess we'll find a way!

On Sunday, we drove a carload of cuties (eight puppies) from Harrisburg to Hamburg, on a rescue transport. They were so adorable, but I definitely don't have the energy to deal with puppies for more than a short time!

I'm just throwing this out there, because I need to vent about it, and I'm tired of venting to the same people who know exactly what I'm dealing with, because they deal with it too. For the past year or so, I've constantly been in pain, and have always been tired. Thanks to switching doctors to one who didn't try to just slap a simple label on it, and basically tell me it was all in my head, I finally feel like I have answers. My new PCP ran all sorts of lab work, and when all of that came back as basically normal, sent me to see a rheumatologist, who diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Basically, they can't do much, other than treat the fatigue and pain symptoms, should I opt to do that.

At least I have answers now! I'm still learning how much I can do in a day or weekend without aggravating it, and causing a fibro flare. This weekend was a good example of how I did too much. It was great fun, but between all of the cleaning on Friday and the scavenging for brass on Saturday (think lots of exercise), and not getting a nap in on Saturday, I've been miserable since Sunday morning.

I'm exhausted. I was asleep by 9:30 or something like that yesterday. You'd think I'd have had a good night's sleep, right? One of the problems though, is that the pain causes me to wake repeatedly, so I was up three or four times last night. Not a productive night's sleep!

As far as meds to treat the symptoms, we'd decided first to try to tackle the fatigue, hoping that if I could have more energy, I could better cope with the pain. The med the rheumatologist prescribed caused severe foggy-headedness. I tried driving while on it, and realized that for everyone's good, I needed to not take it. I have a follow-up next week, and I'm hoping to see if we can address the pain, and hope that if we do that, I can get more sleep, since I won't wake up several times each night.


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