Why I Love Dream Dinners

Since I've been frequenting Dream Dinners for almost two years, I can now easily explain exactly why I love Dream Dinners. I first visited Dream Dinners at the suggestion of a friend, when I inquired about once a month cooking. I was concerned about the logistics of once-a-month cooking, including the logistics of the prep work, doing a large grocery shopping, and storing the food before prepping it.

I love cooking, and I love taking care of Mac, knowing that I'm preparing healthy meals, but I hate the prep work, and with our kitchen being so small, I hate the clean-up. If I did the prep work at home, I'd fill both sinks before I'd finished the prep work, and would then need to wash dishes at least once before finishing the prep work.

Our rule has always been that if I cook, Mac takes care of the dishes, and if I he cooks, I take care of the dishes. When he and I discussed once-a-month cooking, he was not happy about the thought of all of the cleaning!

A friend mentioned Dream Dinners, and indicated that while she'd not tried it, a friend of hers loved it. I looked into it, and decided to try it. I was a little reluctant, both due to the cost and not knowing if I'd like the meals. I realized though that I'd spend more than the cost of my Dream Dinners order on groceries in a month if I wanted to have more variety in my meals than 6 or 7 recipes. That doesn't count how much we spent on eating out in a month. Our grocery bill has dropped, as has our eating out bill!

From the first session, I was amazed at how quickly the employees are right there to clean up a spill or a station, and how everything was organized and labelled, so it was easy to assemble each recipe. While the spices may not be fresh spices, and are dried, they go through bottles so quickly that I don't worry about how long they've been there. I know they aren't old.

I love not having to clean up or do the prep work! I may spend 90 minutes at Dream Dinners, but I enjoy talking to the employees, it's fun, and I'd spend far more than 90 minutes doing the prep work for a month's meals if I did that at home!

I appreciate that I can customize each entree, adding extra spice or reducing the spices. I don't care for thyme, so we usually omit that. We love spicy foods, so for entrees that are supposed to be spicy, we'll usually add a bit of extra spice. We can omit a vegetable if we want, which is also nice.

I love not having to plan what we're having for the week, knowing that I have to go grocery shopping to pick up ingredients. Rather, I can look at what we have in the freezer, pull a few meals out to thaw, and if I need to go to the grocery store, I don't need to purchase much, usually just sides and our usual half-gallon or gallon of milk.

Many of our meals go from fridge to table in less than 30 minutes, which is great, especially when I'm in a hurry. If I space and forget to thaw something, we usually have a meal or two that can be cooked from frozen. We no longer have to deal with the "I forgot to thaw chicken (or beef) today. We need to go out to dinner."

Our meals usually are enough for both of us for dinner, plus at least one lunch for each of us. My coworkers, and Mac's coworkers have commented on how wonderful our lunches smell and look, and it's nice to not have to run out to pick up fast food or deal with a sandwich or salad every day. While my coworkers are eating Lean Cuisines or similar, I'm eating gourmet leftovers!

I've been trying to follow Weight Watchers to lose weight, and thanks in large part to Dream Dinners, I've lost almost 30 pounds! Nutritional information is available for each meal, so I'm able to enter that into my Weight Watchers Points Tracker. This makes it so much easier to budget my points for the day and the week, as typically, my lunch on weekdays includes leftovers from earlier in the week. I don't need to worry about entering all of the ingredients into my recipe builder. I also don't have to guess about points. I know the points value for each meal!

If you are considering Dream Dinners, try it! You may find that it solves a problem for you! I realize it's not for everyone, but it works quite well for so many!


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