Rainy day

It's been raining since early yesterday morning, and it's going to continue raining until at least this evening. Our yard looks like a mud pit, and the dogs are refusing to venture outside! We were supposed to meet a friend in Breezewood to walk the Abandoned Turnpike today, but opted not to do that in this weather.

After a Dream Dinners Bacon Breakfast Frittata and coffee, Mac helped me fold the clean laundry, and I started the first load of dirty laundry. That's now in the dryer, and the next load of laundry is in the washing machine. I hate laundry, and as such, it always piles up because I keep delaying doing it.

We're having beef barley soup for dinner, along with beer bread. I'm also going to whip up a batch of brownies, although I think those will be taken in to work tomorrow, as a gift to my coworkers. Today is a good day to hunker down and bake. The beef barley soup is from the freezer. I prepared a few batches a few months ago, and this is the last bag of it. It's cooking in the crock pot now.

Geno is recuperating well from his eye surgery. He seemed far more awake when we picked him up this time than after the surgery when he had a lump removed from his leg. I knew he was feeling better on Friday morning, when he cheeked his antibiotic and then bit into it, causing me to wear it. He's still a bit clingy, but that's fine with me.

Mac ventured out to the gun show in Oaks, PA on Friday, and stayed until Saturday. He picked up quite a few reloading components, so he's now in the basement reloading. He's thrilled, because with what he picked up yesterday, he finished his AR build and can now reload 1,000 rounds of .223 ammo. That does require it to stop raining for him to be able to shoot the AR, but it's progress.


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