Sleep Number Sleep IQ Technology

In exchange for my post, I will receive a CoolFit™ Foam Contour Pillow.

 Thanks to Smiley360, I was given the opportunity to try out the Sleep Number Sleep IQ technology, and in exchange for writing a blog post about it, I'll receive a CoolFit Foam Contour pillow. To try out the technology, one must go to a Sleep Number store.

Mac and I checked out Sleep Number a while back, but we decided to postpone buying a new mattress until we move, because we'd like to upgrade to a king-size bed. We currently have a queen-size bed, and with three dogs, and our bedroom doesn't have quite enough room for a king-size bed, plus two nightstands.

I've been intrigued by the "DualAir" technology, and the concept of selecting a mattress's firmness based on what I want that night, and how I feel. I'm also curious about how I actually sleep, and if I'm getting restful sleep. This Sleep IQ technology claims to provide answers to if one is getting restful sleep or not.

They bill it as nothing to wear, and nothing to do, which is nice, although even after seeing it, I question how it would actually work. I don't know that it would remain accurate throughout time and would give me accurate answers.

The technology is available to be added to most Sleep Number beds if you already own one, or you can buy it on a new mattress. It's not "cheap," but then again, Sleep Number beds aren't "cheap." I'd definitely want to try it out for more than a few minutes in-store before making a final decision on it. It looks interesting though!


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