A Great Man and Husband

I know I don’t spend enough time praising Mac, or thanking him, as in the day-to-day efforts of being DINKS, maintaining the house, taking care of the dogs, and doing rescue transports, things like saying thank you often fall to the wayside.

I try to always thank him, but I know I can do better. Likewise, I know far too often, I don’t sing his praises! 

He starts his workday before I start mine, as he works four, ten-hour days, yet since we’ve been married, I’ll wake up with him, and I’ll take care of getting coffee ready and packing his lunch. I’m a light sleeper, so it’s not a huge issue that I take care of the coffee and his lunch. I feel like I’m sending him off with a solid meal and his daily coffee, and I know he appreciates it.

He routinely thanks me, but lately, he’s taken to cleaning out the coffeemaker before bed, rinsing it out, throwing out the old coffee, and placing a new filter into the basket. He never tells me that he took care of it, so it’s always a very nice surprise the following morning!

Late last week, I picked up a new bike on freecycle. It was listed as needing a new pedal or a new crank for the pedal. The bike is virtually brand-new, and Mac’s suspicion is that when the bike was being assembled, someone crushed the threads on the pedal, and opted to just buy a new bike. Mac looked at the pedal, noticed the crushed threads, and less than 24 hours after I’d picked up the bike, he’d fixed it by rethreading the pedal.

He worked overtime today, and had taken care of the coffeemaker last night before coming to bed, which I greatly appreciated, she he was awake an hour earlier than normal to go to work. When I went to pack up leftovers for lunch for him, I noticed that he’d already taken care of that as well! It was so nice to have an effortless morning!

My Dream Dinners session is tonight, and as I was getting ready for work today, I was trying to remember to bring a change of clothes, my fabric coolers, my snacks, our Susquehanna Ale Trail passports, and the hard-sided cooler. We keep the hard-sided cooler in the basement, so when I walked out of the house, I figured I’d place everything else in the car and then would go to the basement to fetch the cooler. Imagine my surprise when I opened the tailgate, only to see the hard-sided cooler already in the trunk!

Yes, he most certainly is a great man! I know some of his actions and gestures are related to how his parents raised him and the lessons they taught him, but I also know that all of his actions and gestures are part of how he shows he loves me!


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