Dream Dinners Review - Chicken Parmesan with Garlic Bread

Yesterday was a hellish day, between a lot of things at work, plus 4 different phone calls with the vet. We think Geno has another UTI, and I'd made an appointment with the vet tech for Friday to get a specimen, only to realize that I needed to reschedule. I moved the appointment to last night, which resulted in a phone call from one of the employees to let me know that our regular vet was out of town, and to reassure me about the fill-in vet. I inquired a bit and balked, because well, Geno doesn't do well with new people, and she called me back to reassure me about the vet's qualifications. In the end, we didn't even see the vet, and we won't know until Friday or Saturday if he has a UTI. We go back to the vet on the 9th, so if nothing else, we'll see our normal vet then."

As I'd thought I'd be home to make dinner, I'd planned on cooking the Dream Dinners Pub Style Chicken with Mashed Potatoes. I was in the mood for comfort food after a rough week (and only 3 days into the week), and I figured it would be perfect. However, Geno's appointment was for 6:30, which meant that I wouldn't arrive home until 7:15, so that meant dinner would be closer to 8 PM. We were going to enjoy the Dream Dinners Chicken Parmesan with Garlic Bread on Thursday, but as it could bake from frozen, we opted for that instead.

I had enough time to turn on the oven and set it to the proper temperature before leaving with Geno, so Mac took care of getting the chicken into the oven. I arrived home with about 10 minutes before we needed to top it with the parmesan/panko mix and start to bake the garlic bread. He took care of adding the topping while I took care of the garlic bread. He also decided to make pasta with it, so he got that started as well. After baking for 10 minutes, we needed to open the garlic bread and allow it to bake open-faced for 10 minutes. I think because they'd only thawed partially while sitting out, we needed to cut the loaves to open them. Due to that, I removed the chicken after another 10 minutes, but then set the oven to broil and allowed those to broil for a few minutes, while the pasta was cooking.

Once the pasta was cooked, we enjoyed a very nice meal. There was enough sauce with the chicken that we could use it to top the pasta, and dinner was very enjoyable. The chicken was very flavorful, although it was a bit difficult to distinguish each piece, due to the breading, cheese, and sauce, but we made it work.


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